For Rotterdam at the Skylight Theatre...

"Audrey Cain is sly and utterly delicious as Lelani, Alice’s free-spirited co-worker, bringing layers of unexpected depth to a role which – for a less skillful actress – might have played merely as a goofy caricature."  - Los Angeles Blade

"Cain is delightful as the clear-eyed young lesbian who unabashedly wants to have fun..."  - Stage Raw

"Ms. Cain’s Lelani – statuesque, willowy, and with a just-this-side-of-ridiculous accent – is hilariously funny, but the actress also manages to find the human side of what could be a cartoon character." 

 - Los Angeles Post

Audrey Cain

Recipient of the Comcast NBCUniversal’s inaugural Conservatory Fellowship for East West Players’ Actors Conservatory

Recipient of the Dan Velez Scholarship Fund, a $3,000 award to further my acting career. Determined by a panel of judges including Mary Vernieu of Betty Mae Casting and Gregory Berger-Sobeck from Yale School of Drama.

For La Cage Aux Folles at East West Players...

"Audrey Cain does a remarkable job with Anne..."- Stage Raw