Recipient of the Dan Velez Scholarship Fund, a $3,000 award to further my acting career. Determined by a panel of judges including Mary Vernieu of Betty Mae Casting and Gregory Berger-Sobeck from Yale School of Drama.

For La Cage Aux Folles at East West Players...

"Audrey Cain does a remarkable job with Anne..."- Stage Raw

Audrey Cain

Recipient of the Comcast NBCUniversal’s inaugural Conservatory Fellowship for East West Players’ Actors Conservatory

For Rotterdam at the Skylight Theatre...

"Audrey Cain is sly and utterly delicious as Lelani, Alice’s free-spirited co-worker, bringing layers of unexpected depth to a role which – for a less skillful actress – might have played merely as a goofy caricature."  - Los Angeles Blade

"Cain is delightful as the clear-eyed young lesbian who unabashedly wants to have fun..."  - Stage Raw

"Ms. Cain’s Lelani – statuesque, willowy, and with a just-this-side-of-ridiculous accent – is hilariously funny, but the actress also manages to find the human side of what could be a cartoon character." 

 - Los Angeles Post